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Cuatrecasas enters into strategic alliance with Harvey to implement Generative AI in the Firm

The new tool can review and draft legal documents and quickly find relevant legal information

September 26, 2023

Cuatrecasas has launched a pioneering tool that, by applying Generative Artificial Intelligence to legal services, will make it possible to draft briefs, analyze documents and locate legal information related to the Firm’s different practice areas. Developed with Harvey under the name Cuatrecasas Expert Legal AI (CellA), this new project is based on the use of LLM (large language models) and is leveraged on OpenAI and GPT4 technologies.

CellA has specific legal training focused on LLM and is prepared to identify word associations, generate texts and propose changes that significantly improve the language of the AI technologies Cuatrecasas has worked with to date. The Firm recently carried out a pilot test involving more than a hundred lawyers to test the many benefits that this technology can provide in day-to-day practice, with very quick responses - in seconds - to legal queries or even to complex 400-page contracts. With this programme, the Firm goes a step further in the work previously carried out with AI, such as the anonymisation of personal data in the documents of the knowledge management system, the review of texts in Due Diligence processes or the prompt drafting of contracts and legal documents.

In view of the positive results, and considering the importance of a rigorous review of all the content generated by CellA, especially in its first months of operation, Cuatrecasas has initiated a training module among its professionals to ensure the optimal development and use of the programme.

"Generative AI will provide a qualitative leap forward for Cuatrecasas and the entire sector. It is undoubtedly a tool to help our lawyers, as a co-pilot, which will allow them to increase our contribution of value to clients and make our services even more sophisticated," said Francese Munoz, CIO of Cuatrecasas.

Generative AI is transforming our society, and within the legal sector it is establishing itself as a great ally to drive business. Thanks to its ability to combine unstructured data in search of information, professionals will see their work boosted, but by no means replaced. This will free up time to concentrate on tasks in which the human factor is essential, such as structuring operations, negotiating complex agreements or analysing risks, which require a specialised knowledge and experience to reach decisions.

Cuatrecasas continues to demonstrate its firm commitment to innovation as a strategic priority. Its goal is to continue to position itself among the leading law firms that adopt these new technologies as a key tool to be more productive, add value to legal advice, reduce risks and, above all, provide the best possible service to clients, who can also benefit from Generative AI by achieving more innovative, effective and faster solutions.

About Cuatrecasas

Cuatrecasas is an international law firm with a strong presence in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, with offices in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. With a multidisciplinary team of more than 1,800 professionals and 29 nationalities, it covers all disciplines of business law, applying knowledge and experience from a sectoral perspective and focusing on every type of business. It has 27 offices in 13 countries and works closely with other leading firms to adapt to the needs of each client and situation.



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