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Rodolfo Papa

LATIN COUNSEL is pleased to share the launch of the III Congreso de Derecho Societario by El Instituto (Ecuador), which will be held -in virtual format (via ZOOM) during the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of May 2024.

In its two previous editions, which took place during 2022 and 2023 respectively, 1500 participants attended, and 60 speakers, leaders in the practice of corporate law and academia, from 10 Ibero-American jurisdictions, presented papers.
In view of the favorable (and disruptive) impact of this international training event for continuing professional education in the field of corporate law in Latin America, it has become a "key" source of updating and learning for Latin American lawyers specialising in corporate law, especially in corporate matters.

It is worth noting that among the main topics to be addressed in this new edition of the Congress, the following stand out: the treatment of the family business in all matters relating to its corporate aspects (and additionally, before the conclusion of an M&A transaction); conflicts between shareholders; and corporate and corporate practice in general.

You can access the full academic programme and the speakers who will participate in the III Congress of Corporate Law through the following link.

LATIN COUNSEL, through its correspondent in Argentina, corporate lawyer, author and lecturer, Rodolfo G. Papa, who will also participate as a speaker at the Congress, has had the opportunity to interview Fabricio Dávila Lazo, Academic Director of El Instituto, and member of the Academic Committee of the III Congreso de Derecho Societario.

Fabricio Dávila holds a Law Degree from the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil (Ecuador). He holds an Official Master’s Degree in Corporate Legal Practice from Centro de Estudios Garrigues (Spain). He is a partner of Lexvalor Abogados, where he concentrates his professional practice in complex corporate matters; mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, shareholder advice, and implementation of good corporate governance rules. He also advises national and international companies in commercial, labour and civil matters. He advises companies in the fintech industry.

Below, we transcribe the interview conducted by LATIN COUNSEL with Fabricio:

LATIN COUNSEL: The Corporate Law Congress, organised by El Instituto (Ecuador), has become in a very short time, from its two previous editions held during 2022 and 2023, one of the most important training events for the practice of corporate law in Latin America. Could you give us a preview of some of the topics that will be addressed in its third edition, which will be held on 21, 22 and 23 May?

Fabricio Dávila Lazo: There is no doubt that the Corporate Law Congress, organised by El Instituto, has become the annual event for the practice of corporate law in Latin America. This was our vision from the beginning and we are proud to have achieved one of our goals in a short time.
All editions have something in common: to bring together the most prestigious professionals of the country and the region to learn about new trends in corporate law, current issues and review the problems of the practice with a focus on proposing a solution.
This third edition will focus on legal aspects related to the family business, for example, we will analyze the family business before an M&A operation, another topic will be "The Family Protocol and the Shareholders’ Meeting. A large part of the Congress will also be devoted to the analysis of conflicts between shareholders, from a legal perspective, such as, for example, the abuse of voting rights by the majority, or capitalization as a mechanism of dilution of the minority. Finally, as we understand that advice on business law must be comprehensive, on the last day we will address the accounting and financial aspects of companies and the different sources of financing of the company, topics that, in our opinion, are necessary for the correct practice of business law.

LATIN COUNSEL: since its creation, the Institute’s learning and training platform has organised more than 80 international congresses in various legal areas (Corporate, Constitutional, Labour, Criminal, Procedural), as well as a series of events and workshops. In this regard, what are the next projects and objectives to be implemented?

Fabricio Dávila Lazo: The Institute’s plans are to continue to position itself as a leader in the training of lawyers throughout the region, organising congresses and workshops that address current and cutting-edge issues that lawyers need to know in order to be able to provide effective and efficient advice.
Our next event will be the I Tax Law Congress which we have been planning since the beginning of this year and about which we have very high expectations.
In addition to academic training, which is the main objective of the Institute, we have other projects that aim to generate networks of contacts that allow lawyers in the region to connect with each other.

LATIN COUNSEL: In addition to your role as academic director of El Instituto, you are a partner of LEXVALOR, one of the most important full service law firms in Ecuador. In this regard, could you tell us -in your opinion- what are the main challenges that a Latin American corporate lawyer faces today?

Fabricio Dávila Lazo: The main challenge for all lawyers is to remain relevant in a competitive world. The practice of corporate law forces you to be constantly aware of and updated on corporate law, and related subjects, not necessarily legal, but also culture, economics, politics, among others. With this background, in my opinion, the main challenge facing a corporate lawyer is to find spaces or areas of specialization where he/she can add value, having found this, he/she must always be updated and thus remain current and the natural consequence of having achieved this will be the recognition of clients and colleagues as a leader in a particular area and the person to call for advice, not only legal, but even business advice.

Finally, in order to register and participate in the III Congreso de Derecho Societario, you can access relevant and complete information, through the following link.

LATIN COUNSEL is pleased to participate as International Media Partner of the III Congreso de Derecho Societario, organised by El Instituto.

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