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Photo: César Carrión - Office of the President of Colombia

Argentina, Colombia, Spain   

Argentina, Colombia, Spain   

Iberoamerican News: Payment of European funds for Spain postponed, Colombia appoints new attorney general, Argentina maintains world’s highest inflation rate

Marina Vanni

Recovery funds: EU gives Spain two more months to evaluate fourth payment

Spain has asked the European Union authorities for a fourth payment of "Next Generation EU" funds for 10,021 million euros, related to 61 objectives, as announced by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Enterprise, Carlos Cuerpo.

Due to the technical complexity and volume of study, it has been agreed with Brussels to extend the evaluation deadline by an additional two months.

Technical adaptations will be made to some objectives to speed up the processes, such as changing the measure of investment in transport from millions of euros to the number of contracts awarded.

Colombia has a new attorney general

After being selected in the fifth round of voting by a majority of 18 votes in the Full Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, Luz Adriana Camargo Garzón will assume as Colombia’s new attorney general.

The lawyer has previous experience as deputy prosecutor and assistant magistrate before the Supreme Court, as well as in the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG-UN).

Camargo’s election comes after Amelia Perez resigned her candidacy for the post amid tensions between the judiciary and the government of Gustavo Petro. The elected prosecutor met with President Petro on Wednesday, March 13.

Argentina has the highest annual inflation in the world

The National Institute of Statistics and Census of Argentina (Indec) revealed that the price increase in the country reached 13.2% in the month of February.

With this data of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the inter-annual inflation reaches 276.2%, surpassing that of countries such as Lebanon and Venezuela.

In the first two months of the year - the first full months of the administration of the libertarian president Javier Milei - prices rose 33.8%.

Author: Marina Vanni

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