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Inspiring Women in Law - An interview with Eugenia Sermeño: How to enhance communication in a law firm

Latin Counsel spoke with Eugenia Sermeño, Business Development and Marketing Officer at Arias Law, and discussed the personal brand of lawyers, tips to effectively communicate the work of law firms, and the visibility of female professionals. The communications, branding and public relations specialist also highlighted the importance of leading campaigns and initiatives focused on clients.

Marina Vanni

Latin Counsel: How has Arias Law’s communication strategy changed in recent years and what role do new technologies play in this transformation?

Eugenia Sermeño: In recent years, communications have evolved and have become more complex to manage, yet simpler for the receiver. The trend has been to become a firm with a multichannel (omnichannel) presence, which implies working on a strategy focused on creating a unified experience for the client through all the communication channels the firm uses. This means going beyond simply providing attention across multiple channels, and instead integrating and synchronizing those channels so that the customer feels a continuity of communication no matter how they interact with the company.

Some key aspects about omnichannel communications that we have implemented in our communication strategy are channel integration and consistent experience. All communication channels, such as email, social media, live chat, phone, offices, etc., share the same information to customers by adapting to the language of each channel and its audience. No matter which channel the customer connects through, they will receive the same brand experience, tone of voice and level of service. This builds trust and loyalty.

There is also personalization, based on data from different interactions, we can offer customers content relevant to their needs and interests. In addition, we implement seamlessness in the customer journey, as customers can easily switch between different channels during their interaction with the firm, without losing context or having to repeat information.

On the other hand, within the new technologies, we can highlight the proper use of big data analysis, helping us to make better decisions and offer customers valuable content. Something very important is also security in the cyber world, cybersecurity in the digital sphere is vital for the customer to feel comfortable sharing their data with us.

LC: What are the key values behind an effective communication campaign?

ES: Relevance, accuracy, authenticity, truthfulness, consistency, clarity and creativity.

LC: Can you tell us about a successful outreach marketing case you have led for Arias Law?

ES: We have two programs with great reach and depth of content that generate a lot of value for the client. One is the Arias Knowledge Center, in which our talented associates share legal content with a high level of sophistication and depth. The Knowledge Center is a space created for our lawyers where they can demonstrate their knowledge and capabilities, thus increasing their visibility in the legal market while providing valuable information to our clients. 

The second program is our virtual events called Arias Weeks, which take place approximately 6 times a year and we focus on topics of high relevance for our clients, our lawyers have the opportunity to present in a series of webinars, podcasts, capsules and meetings with the audience to address legal topics of interest and trend such as: Intellectual Property, ESG, Compliance, Labor Law, Tax, among others. On certain occasions we invite clients, friends and some strategic allies as panelists or moderators, thus generating diversity among our panel. Both programs have been a resounding success and clients and the audience in general have shown interest and satisfaction.  

LC: How do you advise legal professionals to strengthen their communication skills? What advice do you usually give them?

ES: Lawyers, as part of their commitment to the firm, must perform marketing and business development tasks, they all participate actively in the activities of the department and at least twice a year we have training rounds on these topics.  Some of the advice I usually share with them is that they should work on their personal brand with consistency and do it in a structured way, with a clear, measurable and achievable objective and goals. The other, especially to young lawyers, is not to be afraid, everyone has their own particular way of selling themselves, not only extroverts can achieve it, someone can be introverted and still, without losing their essence can be a successful rainmaker. The only thing you have to do is to know your skills and exploit them.

From your role, how do you help to enhance the profiles and the work of the professional women who work at Arias Law? 

I feel very happy to work in a firm where meritocracy is truly palpable, regardless of gender, in Arias, what is truly valued is work, commitment, dedication, and it can be seen in the statistics, 100% of the Managing Partners and 57% of lawyers are women. It is truly a milestone in the legal field and in Latin America. I think it is important to amplify the voices of women professionals because they have so much to offer the world. By sharing their stories and experiences, we can help inspire other women to achieve their goals. We can also help create a more equitable world for all.

LC: What is needed for greater inclusion of women in the legal field?

ES: It’s a matter of corporate culture, and decisiveness. It’s as easy as wanting to do it, is my opinion. Women have the same capabilities and decision makers should put it on their agendas, and create a culture of inclusion and equal collaboration.

LC: What are Arias Law’s communications and general objectives for 2024?

ES: Among our communications goals for this year 2024, I can mention, among others, sharing accurate and relevant information with our clients, teaching new generations of lawyers and clients about topics of interest to achieve their goals, creating positive and lasting relationships with clients, and increasing the value of our brand and maintaining our leadership in the region as a leading and pioneering firm.

Regarding Arias’ general strategy, our main objective is to be a client-centric firm, and some specific objectives are to provide a superior client experience, innovating and prioritizing their needs, and to continue building and having a positive impact on society, our environment, our clients and our collaborators.


Interview by Marina Vanni

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