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Inspiring Women In Law - An interview with Thania Gómez: How to advise national and international companies in highly complex projects

Latin Counsel spoke with Thania Gómez, partner at EY Law in the Dominican Republic, about her most important projects, her growth in one of the Big Four, and her advice for women professionals. The specialist in corporate, finance, capital markets, energy, infrastructure and M&A law - recognized for leading significant transactions, infrastructure projects and bond issues - is certified as a PPP Professional (CP3P©) Infrastructure Knowledge & Best Practice K-Infra.

Marina Vanni

Latin Counsel: How has your growth and that of EY Law been since your arrival at the firm in the Dominican Republic in 2018? 

Tatiana Gómez: Our professional growth has been exponential, we focus on the client and high quality professional results, which has earned us the trust of our clients, new clients and the market, leading us to participate in larger projects, greater economic value and greater business and social impact. 

LC: What are some of the most emblematic projects and deals you have worked on at EY Law?

TG: We are so committed to our clients’ projects that every time we complete an acquisition or a sale, a strategic transaction, when we work on Green Field projects and accompany them from the beginning, we see them develop, evolve and grow, consolidate and become successful, we consider it a success story. And I could justly say that one of the success cases corresponds to a project in which we accompanied our client from the beginning with the review of the contracts for the start-up of its factory, while we structured the corporate governance of the company, negotiated the first financing with local banks, then structured the company to participate in the capital market with the first bond issue of the group as part of the strategy to restructure its debt, be more competitive and become one of the most important players in its sector in the Dominican Republic. We are proud to have been and continue to be their trusted advisor. For us, a case of resounding success.

LC: In your career you have led important projects such as the construction of the first cable car for public transportation in the Dominican Republic. What are the biggest challenges in projects of this caliber? 

TG: I believe that helping the client, both national and foreign, to ensure that their infrastructure projects are as balanced and adjusted to their needs as possible, protecting their interests from the beginning, with an integral accompaniment in the legal and business review of the bidding process, then the construction, maintenance and operation contract, gives them the confidence of having a cleanly negotiated agreement with the contracting public entity that guarantees the legal security of the project.     

LC: How do you approach the identification and mitigation of risks for clients in both domestic and international transactions? 

TG: We are very rigorous in the interpretation, application and understanding of the legal system of the area of advice we provide to the client, we make sure to place the best and most expert team of professionals in each case, so that the experience, capacity, professional quality and delivery is of the highest level. With knowledgeable and experienced professionals, risks are better identified and mitigated.

LC: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement in your career so far and how do you think it has prepared you to face future challenges?

TG: I think it has been an accumulation of small achievements that have helped me face constant challenges, it is part of the drive for personal and professional development, challenging ourselves to be better every day. However, one of my first achievements was, in Spain, to overcome the barrier of being a woman, young and foreign (Latin-Caribbean) in a European country and in a sector such as the legal sector. I had to work three times harder than my local peers to be recognized with the ability to lead projects and manage clients, I had to identify new niches in the legal market and become an expert and necessary in the firms where I developed, including another of the Big Four, where I worked for several years and when I became independent I became one of their main providers of specialized legal services that they did not handle.  Another great challenge, still "on going" was the return to the Dominican Republic, after 14 years living abroad and practically without having practiced in the country, starting from scratch in a market full of good lawyers, better known and recognized, has been my constant challenge since I returned 10 years ago and that I try to manage with dedication, ethics, excellence, personalized attention, constant training and surrounding myself with an extraordinary team, which has led me to become the leading legal partner in the Dominican Republic of EY, one of the largest multinational consulting firms in the world of the so-called "Big Four".

LC: What advice would you give to women professionals who are looking to consolidate their careers in the legal field?

TG: To prepare themselves, to set goals and objectives. Seneca used to say: "If one does not know to which port one sails, no wind is favorable". Goals can be achieved by being realistic, fighting for them (go out and look for them, let your skin crawl), keep an open mind, work hard, study constantly, this way you can perceive opportunities better. Work the will with discipline, order and constancy. A constant person can go further than an intelligent person.  Insist, my father always told me "he who perseveres triumphs", give the best of you, overcome obstacles, get up as many times as necessary, be optimistic and positive, you can become whatever you propose.


Interview: Marina Vanni

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