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Women in a Legal World 2024 Awards in Spain: Honoring outstanding women in the legal field

Marina Vanni

The fifth edition of the WLW Awards, held last Tuesday, March 19 at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid, was a milestone to recognize the talent and commitment of outstanding women in the legal field. This event, supported by a wide range of organizations, honored prominent figures whose work has left a significant mark on society.

Margarita Robles Mariscal de Gante, the first woman to hold the position of Minister of Justice in Spain, was one of the main honorees with the Honorary Award.

Carmen Calvo Poyato, President of the Council of State in the same country, was also recognized as Woman of the Year for her tireless defense of gender equality.

The Values Award went to Bisila Bokoko, the Spanish-American entrepreneur and philanthropist whose project in Africa highlights the transformative power of education and books. Her dedication and vision have positively impacted entire communities, demonstrating the potential of social engagement in the legal arena.

Asociación AMPARA was another honoree of the evening, recognized with the Equality Award for its work in the challenging environment of prisons. Its significant work, with more than 200 volunteers assisting people at risk of exclusion, has provided support and helped to integrate men, women and children in prisons.

Finally, the Ombudsman received the Sustainable Justice Award for his tireless defense of human rights and democracy.

During the gala, the Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Courts, Félix Bolaños, praised the laureates’ commitment to equality, justice and feminism. He also stressed the importance of continuing to advance gender equality as a fundamental objective of the government.

Bolaños also highlighted some initiatives carried out by her department to promote equality, such as the increase in scholarships for the preparation of competitive examinations, which mainly benefit women, and other government policies aimed at combating gender inequality. Despite the progress made, the minister acknowledged that much remains to be done to achieve real equality.

The WLW Awards were supported by Mutualidad de la Abogacía, Santander, vLex. Auren Spain, Deloitte Legal, Allen & Overy, Centro de Estudios Garrigues, De Castro | Estudio de Abogados, DiliTrust, Kepler-Karst, Las Rozas Village, EJASO, Ospina Abogados, RS Lupicinio International Law Firm, Sevilla Flores Procuradores, Laura Bernal y Ester C., Beam Suntory, Venize Comunicación and Token City.


Author: Marina Vanni

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