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Regulation for the validation of environmental permits granted prior to the start of works and projects in Nicaragua

Rodrigo Ibarra, Jonathan Rugama,  March 11, 2024

March 2024, Nicaragua - For the development of works in Nicaragua it will now be necessary to have an environmental certification issued by the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic (hereinafter "PGR"), on the environmental permits and authorizations granted by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (hereinafter "MARENA") that it issues according to the classification established in Decree No 20-2017 "System of Environmental Evaluation of Permits and Authorizations for the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources".

The environmental certification is mandatory for the beneficiary to start its works and projects, otherwise it will have penalty of administrative, civil and criminal liabilities.

Once the environmental permit has been obtained from MARENA, the beneficiary must apply to the PGR, which will have 30 days, extendable only once for the same period of time. To date, the procedure to be followed and the requirements for the request have not been published.

The above was approved by the National Assembly through Law number 1192 "Law for the certification of environmental permits and authorizations", published in La Gaceta, Official Gazette No. 31 of February 19, 2024.


Rodrigo Ibarra - Partner, Nicaragua
Jonathan Rugama - Paralegal, Nicaragua


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